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Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, BT the Chef is a second generation French, classically trained chef. Her skills have been developed at a young age, being dubbed the IV Tech baby on Purdue University Campus in 1989, as her mother was the opening chef, curator and department head - sometimes having to bring BT to work with her graduating from egg carton crates as babysitters to her own personal chair in the kitchen. (See Pic)


“I have sampled kangaroo and snake before the age of ten going to chef conventions with my parents”.


She never knew what she was being groomed for. Her mother from Chicago, being a classically French trained chef, grew up traveling at a young age making different cuisines easily available. Her father, a business owner from New Orleans, made a great impact on her growing up. Under her parents catering business, her mother's traditional culinary skills and techniques mixed with her father’s business sense made a match.


“Traveling to different countries trying many foreign cuisines has developed my palette to be sensitive and well rounded”.


Being the rebellious youth BT was, she wanted to stray away from the family business as much as possible. After playing sports in high school, she attended Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Advertising Design with a minor in Graphic Design on a basketball scholarship. While attending college she catered small events for extra money and sold plates on campus. It wasn't until about a year after college that she decided  to merge her two loves of cooking with graphics. Escoffier Culinary school was the next logical step. In doing so she has traveled to cook and train in chinese cuisine at Shanghai Polytechnical College in China, and worked with RAM FAM and other food network stars across America. BT did her externship at the world famous Louisiana Brennan Owned Commander's Palace - home to great chefs such as Paul Prudhomme, Gerhard Brill, Emeril Lagassee, and  Tory McPhail - and catered numerous celebrity events.


“Life is the best teacher. I just let my tastebuds lead.”


By concentrating on fine dining and culinary techniques, fresh ingredients mixing with creole cuisines, cooking with BT the Chef is sure to be tasteful and exciting.  


Follow me on Instagram @BTtheChef

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