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Want to try a new diet? Maybe learn to meal prep but don’t know where to begin? Food doesn’t just look pretty, its intent is to nourish the body. Knowing what meals are appropriate for certain events is key to being a great host.  Whether needing food service or menus designed, you’ve come to the right chef. With her unique background in Advertising and Graphic design, BT the chef is a one-stop shop to communicate one of the most important aspects to your event - the menu. From graphics to cuisine service, let your events become more cohesive with BT The Chef.  


Plating Gallery

Picture this! Your guests walk into your kitchen or event.

A professionally trained chef in an all white chef coat is present with horderves. You sip wine while being shown the newest recipe to cook at home. Friends gather around to sip, laugh and enjoy the evening with personality, music, and flavor. BT the chef brings taste buds and visions to life.


Flyer Design to promote event

Invite to send to guest

Menu design for guest to see during event

Logo Design for Event

Packages Available in addition to invoice order on event. 

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